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Breast implants or natural?

Breast implants or natural? - Jordan Parker

From last December, my wife is trying to make up her mind if she needs to do breast implants or not. She tried to put this decision on me, but I explained that it was only up to her to decide. 

I personally had nothing to say in all this. I was happy with the way her breast looked like. For me, it made no difference if they stayed the same or got bigger. What I was concerned about was the downtime, the recovery process and the possible accidents that could happen. 

I mentioned to her on several occasions that she should take everything into consideration, not only the financial aspect. I did not care about the money either. I always handed to her my pay check and let her deal with all of our house expenses. I never questioned anything. 

Women are not always pleased with the way the look and they try to correct that by doing different things: from applying makeup in order to hide some small imperfections, to go on crazy diets just to lose a few pounds, or even plastic surgery. On my opinion, plastic surgery should be used to treat those who suffered various accidents and they really need it, not for aesthetics.

Anyway, since each one of us is the owner of its own body and can do what he pleases with, it was not my place to convince my wife otherwise. I stated my concerns and let her decide on her own what she would do with her breasts.

All I cared for was to know her happy and healthy. Whatever she would decide, I will support her. I will be there for her as she has been there for me when I was sick. 

Yesterday evening, we had guests for dinner: two of my work colleagues with their wives. One of them mentioned to my wife that she should tryhyaluronic acid injection Rosemere and then only make up her mind about the implants. She gave her a lot of details on the treatment. She revealed that she had done it twice. The first time was for her wedding day, then just a few months prior to doing the breast implants. She tried two different sizes before opting for a bigger one. She confessed that she had been extremely pleased with the results, the doctors at this clinic and the attention she got from them.

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