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Changing the routine

Changing the routine - Jordan Parker

It’s been almost two months now since I have been so focused on my work that I forgot and ignored everything else. Two months since I had a drink or good chat with my friends. Two months since I had last touched my sketch book. All this time it has been staying on the second shelf of my nightstand, collecting dust.

Each night when I laid in bed, I looked at it and promised myself that I would try to draw something the following day. Postponing this project of illustrating my sister’s book for children made me feel guilty. Not necessarily towards my sister. She did not give me any deadline for it. No! It was an inner feeling. I felt like I am betraying myself. I know it sounds crazy but that’s how it made me feel.

When she asked me if I was interested in this little project, I was more than thrilled. Despite my busy schedule, I accepted it off the bat.  I liked the story she wrote and I found it very funny. It was based on her three years old son and his creative way of describing his daily experiences.

It took me only two hours to come up with a character that resembled to my nephew.

The following day, after work, I started to do other sketches. Given that I did not have a lot of time at my disposal, I carried the sketchbook with me. Thus, whenever I had a minute, I tried to draw something. I hoped that in that rhythm I would be done in two weeks.

Unfortunately, my daytime job did not allow me to stick to my plan. My manager had a work accident and most of his tasks ended up suddenly on my shoulders. Therefore I had to spend longer hours at the office. As a result, I got more tired and had less time to draw.

When my sister called me today and asked if she could pass by and see some of the drawings, I had to tell her the truth. While I was talking with her on the phone, I realized that my work had taken over my life. I hadn’t done anything else but working lately. That was not fun at all! I needed to change the routine. So I invited her to meet me for a coffee the following day and discuss about her story. She mentioned she had an errand to do in the morning, something about a Drain backup Toronto. But she agreed to see me in the afternoon, which was great for me. It allowed me to add a few more drawings in the sketchbook.

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Welcome to the personal blog of Jordan Parker. Born April 23, 1987, in London, he is best known under the pseudonym of Jord. He is an English blogger specializing in information technology and geek culture, in several websites.