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The Damp Hotel

The Damp Hotel - Jordan Parker

I have just had the worst experience I have ever had at a hotel in my entire life. I have been away from home for the weekend for work and they booked me into this absolutely awful place that was clearly as cheap as cheap could be.

The main problem was the air in the room. I know that sounds weird but I suffer from a few different allergies and I could just tell this was poor quality air. If nothing else the hotel really needed to bring in somebody to conduct air quality testing.

It was just so damp in there. I’m sure that if somebody was carrying out air quality testing in the room they would probably have found all sorts of weird things in the air. For one, I know that damp gives rise to mold, which I’m sure I must have been breathing in for the entire time that I was in that room.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have much choice in the matter as I was on a trip with a colleague; we were both stuck in the same boat. I struggled through the night, constantly coughing because the air was really getting to me. I started to get to the point where I wanted to call a company to conduct air quality testing Montreal just to see if I could get the place shut down so I could sleep somewhere else. It really was that bad.

I spoke about it with my colleague when we met for breakfast the next morning, which was away from the hotel’s little restaurant as neither one of us could stand the place by this point. He doesn’t even suffer from any allergies and he told me that even he was suffering with the state of the air quality in his room during the course of the night. Apparently he was just like me and was seriously contemplating calling a company to do air quality testing.

Luckily we only had to spend one more night in the place and there was nothing keeping us at the hotel during the day time. We literally just went back for one more night and checked out as soon as humanely possible. I never want to be in a situation like that again and it makes me so appreciative of the fact that the quality of the air at home is as high as it is.

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