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Family ties are important

Family ties are important - Jordan Parker

Since my older daughter started studying the guitar, my son did everything in his powers to keep up with her. Whenever he catched her guitar laying around, he touched it, pretending to play it like a pro. Needless to say that my daughter got mad whenever she saw him banging his hands on her favourite instrument or pulling the cords. She got tensed and all worried when he was around her guitar case.

Each evening before dinner, my daughter has to practice. The only place where she could do it is in her room, with her door locked. Otherwise he would be all over her, trying to play the guitar in the same time with her. Even so, he would try to disturb her by making noise outside her door, tapping the door or shouting out loud. He could do it for more than a half an hour. We tried ignoring him, hoping that he would get bored and stop within five minutes or so, but it did not work. He kept on making a fuss for almost fifty minutes.

This morning my husband was on the phone with one of his clients, who was looking to buy some industrial patio heaters Quebec, when the scandal began. Our children started a fight over the guitar and they ended up breaking it. Imagine the tragedy! My daughter screamed as if she was being attacked by a lion, while my son cried as loud as he could. Both of them went on for about five minutes. They would have continued being at each other's’ throats for quite some time if I would not have interfered and stopped them. 

I put them in their rooms and asked them to stay there until they were done with their crying. Once the crying was finished I asked both of them to come downstairs and talk to me. I had to explain to them that they were siblings and their behaviour was not appropriate. Family stick together no matter what. I wanted them to know that they should always help each other instead of fighting. That’s what siblings regularly do. I went again through the story of how my sister and I had no one to rely on when we were children and how difficult it was for us to grow up without having our parents. I want them to be close to each other when we will no longer be there for them.

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Welcome to the personal blog of Jordan Parker. Born April 23, 1987, in London, he is best known under the pseudonym of Jord. He is an English blogger specializing in information technology and geek culture, in several websites.