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Getting Your Presence on Social Media Is a Priority

Getting Your Presence on Social Media Is a Priority - Jordan Parker

So you are new to social media. Join the club. This craze seemed to have flown right by me because, to be honest, I thought it was just outright stupid. I saw no need to have a Twitter handle or a Facebook page. I simply needed to advertise and let my reputation speaks for itself. Boy was I arrogant.

Yes, I can still reach customers this way, but most often they are people in their later 50s or older who were antiquated in their thinking like I was. Most people who are under 50 and especially those who are under 25 expect to find things on the social media outlets. A company that does not have a Twitter feed is, to them, like a company that has no door nor ceiling. It is simply not a trustworthy place to go.

When I realized that I had to upgrade my social media presence I turned to a place that didn’t make sense to me but actually became the best possible choice I could have made. I called a network consultant.

I know what you are saying, “these are the guys that repair computers,” and you are right. They do perform tasks related to this, but they also do so much more, and one of the things that they do is to help you improve your social media presence? Would have known?

When the consultant guy I hire to come in and check my system came in one day, I talked to him about the social media problem. I was just chatting with him, but before I knew this, he was telling me what he could do for me to get me going. To be honest, most of what he said was going over my head, but he made a lot of sense.

Before I knew it he was setting me up with Instagram, Snap Chat, and Facebook and Twitter accounts. I had a Google+ address and site and was on LinkedIn. Within a year, I had 27,000 likes on Facebook, for which I have no idea of the meaning although I hear it is good. My Twitter account had 9,000 followers in barely 11 months, which I also hear was good, but that is Swahili to me.

What is something I recognize is that my cnc cutting business has gone up about 19 percent since he started these accounts for me. The amount I paid to him he brought me back nearly 98 times. It was a great investment and I never thought a network consultant would be the one that made that happen.

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