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Honesty and politics

Honesty and politics - Jordan Parker

We all know that honesty and politics doesn’t walk always hand in hand. They are more likely to work one against the other, which is why probably most of the Canadians do not wish to go to vote. They have lost their confidence in the politicians, the government, in those who were supposed to represent them and fight for their rights.

The way I see it, we have less and less rights, and our freedom of speech isn’t what it used to be. But that’s a topic I’ll tackle in a different post. Today I am focused on the politicians’ lies.

As far as I know only within the province of British Columbia it is forbidden and illegal for a candidate to make false promises during a campaign. Though there is a catch: the voters would have to file a court application (which might end up being a long and costly process) against the candidate, when they distrust his promises. But according to the legislation, in case the candidate is found guilty of lying, there is no effective penalty for him. No wonder people are not interested anymore of expressing their votes!

Our politicians can do whatever they wish without having to suffer the consequences like the rest of the people. They protect themselves by not allowing a honesty law to pass. I am referring to a law that would require them to tell the truth at all times. Unfortunately, that would never happen. Since all of them are liars, and one hand washes the other, none of them would ever dare to swim against the current.

They are above the law, and they have no shame on showing it. Politicians had no problem whatsoever passing laws that require us (the taxpayers, the immigrants, welfare applicants, professionals) to tell the truth, but when it comes to them, the same law does not apply. They can‘t be touched by the strong penalties they advocated for the general population.

And they call this democracy!

Before each election, all candidates have at least three development projects on their agenda. They all promise to rebuild our roads, freeze transit fares, and improve the quality of our lives, no tax increase. Most of these promises are not kept. They ended up being only a statement made during the elections, which gets shortly forgotten, like our mayor’s promise of park paving Edmonton!

On my opinion, this country should be referred to as a landscape of broken political promises, cause it sure isn’t anymore a land of all possibilities!

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Welcome to the personal blog of Jordan Parker. Born April 23, 1987, in London, he is best known under the pseudonym of Jord. He is an English blogger specializing in information technology and geek culture, in several websites.