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A Loan That Was Worth Lending

A Loan That Was Worth Lending - Jordan Parker

It was 11 o' clock in the morning and I was still enjoying my deep slumber. I usually wake up in the afternoon on my off-days. It was also one of my off-days and someone just couldn't see me enjoying my sleep. I started to receive repeated calls from a very close friend of mine, Tom. Tom is in the truck business and normally remains out of the town most of the time. 

As I saw his number on the screen, I thought it may be some emergency so I picked up the phone. On the other hand Tom seemed calm and excited, that made me even more surprised. I asked him the reason of calling me and he was little reluctant to say it. I told him to be calm and tell me whatever he wants to say. Tom should more reluctance but then he finally uttered the words. 

Tom wanted some cash from me. It was the first time that Tom had requested a loan from me in many years. It was quite strange for me but I have full trust in him. I asked him to come over and take the cash, there is no problem. Tom got really happy and told me that he will visit me in the night. 

When Tom arrived at the night, I asked him about the purpose of the loan. Tom then told me that he actually wanted to buy a truck restraint system for his truck; the system is nowadays really important to save him from future losses. I was not aware of this system so I asked him to tell me details regarding this system. Tom then explained me that how at the time of loading and unloading, mishaps happens and costs a lot to their pocket. Due to some external force, truck sometimes starts moving when they are supposed to remain stationary. This causes damage to the goods and in return loss that has to bear by the truck company. So by installing this system, the trucks are stopped with much more force and they cannot move forward or backward in any way. 

I found out that he really deserved the loan as this system can be really effective and can save my friend from further losses. I lent him the money and he left home promising that he will return the money as soon as he could.

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Welcome to the personal blog of Jordan Parker. Born April 23, 1987, in London, he is best known under the pseudonym of Jord. He is an English blogger specializing in information technology and geek culture, in several websites.