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One day in Quebec

One day in Quebec - Jordan Parker

On my way back from Gaspé, I stopped in Québec City for a day. I took advantage that it was a gorgeous weather and I went wandering on the streets, trying to discover the history of the city on my own. I wanted to get the vibes that everyone who has visited it was talking about. 

Although I lived in Longueuil for the past ten years and I travelled back and forth between home and Gaspé, it was actually for the first time that I stopped there. Prior to that, I only pumped gas at the gas station, grabbed something to eat on the way and continued my drive.

This beautiful city has its own charm. It made me think of the years I had spent in France while I was an exchange student. The cobbled streets, the European architecture, the colourful awnings of the shops, it was all worth. And I even think that I'll look for the same when it will be the time to buy my Window awnings longueuil. That being said, I think I must have taken close to thousands photos within my six hours walk. 

When I returned to the Marriott hotel, my feet were aching. Once I removed my shoes I noted that I had even got a blister on my left sole. I was surprised it did not bothered me while I was walking. Since I was too tired to go out for dinner, I ordered something from the restaurant downstairs. It was a bit pricy, but the food was good. 

My only complaint about the whole Quebec stay, was the fact that my internet connection was not as fast as I would have liked it. But given that I did not have any important work to do online for the moment, I let it be.  

The following morning when I was chatting with the receptionist in the lobby, she mentioned that in her hometown, they had a better internet than there. I found it surprising that the serviceswas better than in Quebec. As far as I knew it was a smaller city than the latter. 

Out of curiosity I asked her the name of the internet service provider. She couldn’t remember it but she volunteered to google it for me. I replied it was not necessary. I could have done that all by myself. I thanked her for her amiability, paid my bill and headed towards the parking. 

The second I stepped outside, I felt the cold wind giving me chills down my back. I couldn’t believe that there was such a big difference in temperature from one day to another. It must have been close to twenty degrees less than the previous day. As soon as I got inside the car, I turned on the heater, because I was cold and shivering.

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