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R.I.P. Jacque Fresco!

This afternoon, while I was talking with one of my clients about Solar Panel Toronto, I overheard one of my colleagues saying Jacque Fresco was dead. As soon as I heard that sentence, I could not focus anymore on my conversation. I asked my client to excuse me for a minute or two and I went to talk with my colleague.

I wanted to ensure that what I had heard was true. I asked him to repeat it. When he did (and he sound as a robot, talking without conveying any empathy), I inquired him about the source of that piece of information. My mind refused to process the thought that Jacque was actually dead. 

It did not matter that he was over hundred years old! It did not matter he was sick and his end was inevitable. He was a hero and heroes don’t just die. They can’t! At that point, everything seemed to unreal. How could that be?

I went to the closest computer and googled his name, hoping that the first thing that showed up would be a line saying his death was a hoax. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. What showed up was a link to an open letter from his partner Roxanne, confirming the news. 

While I was reading her letter about her determination of continuing his legacy and keep on working on the Venus Project, I felt really sad. I remembered going there and attending one of their seminars. I even remembered his voice, as if it was yesterday, not seven years ago.

I whispered “Rest in peace, Jacque!” and got back to my client, apologizing for the interruption. Once my work was done, I cancelled the plans I had for the evening. I did not feel like going out with my friends. It felt like humanity had just lost one of its most brilliant minds - that was a great loss for everyone who still had hopes for a better life.

When I got home, I looked for the Venus Project DVDs I purchased during my trip to Florida. I spent the entire evening watching all four of them. I had dinner in front of the TV. Even if I knew most of the things he talked about in is lectures, I was still amazed by the sharpness of his mind. At his age, most of the elders were facing memory problems. Not him! He was brilliant!

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