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Unexpected expense

Unexpected expense - Jordan Parker

Couple of months back, one of my friends bought his first house. His parents helped him with the down payment, and he became the new owner of a bungalow in LaSalle. It was not a wow property, but it had a great potential. It was a spacious house, filled with light.

My friend planned to do some renovations in the upcoming months, as soon as the spring arrived. For the moment, he continued to live with his parents.

Once all the repairs he had in mind for the house would be done, he would settle in, and start living alone. Until then, he did not mind having home cooked meals daily and laundry done by his mom.

When he gave me the tour of the house I was surprised to see that his basement did not really look like a basement. It had large windows and it was not divided in small compartmented rooms. It was a huge opened area, and it had a real fireplace. For the price he paid, it was a bargain. I volunteered to give him a hand with the repairs.

He smiled and said that he was hoping I would say that. He added that he was counting on me to redo the basement floor and help him paint the walls. I laughed and said that was fine with me, as long as he did not ask me to remove all the wallpaper from the walls. Since it was an old house, close to fifty years old, obviously that all the walls were covered in wallpaper.

After Easter passed, he gave me a call and invited me one day at his place in order to discuss some of the details of the renovation project. We agreed to meet a few days later at his bungalow. It was last Friday, that I saw him. After work, I stopped at IGA, grabbed a six pack of beers and headed towards LaSalle.

As soon as I stepped into the house, I felt a funny smell, a sort of musty odor. The first thing that came into my mind was mold. I asked my friend if he had any leak in the house, or if he had a flooding. He knew nothing about it. He added that he felt no musty odor and he did not know how mold smelled like. 

I was sure that there was mold inside his bungalow; I knew my nose was not lying. It turned out there was mold in the basement, under the wallpaper. I recommended him two companies that I worked with, both doing mold removal Montreal. Until he was done with the mold, I advised him not to start any renovation. This had to be fixed first.

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Welcome to the personal blog of Jordan Parker. Born April 23, 1987, in London, he is best known under the pseudonym of Jord. He is an English blogger specializing in information technology and geek culture, in several websites.